The steel is a T420 high carbon stainless steel. Which is essentially a surgical grade stainless steel. This allows our knives to be thin without the brittleness of most knives.

The blades go all the way to the end and then the handles are molded right on to them (this is called a full tang)

The original aluminum handles we recommend and washing, they will discolor in the dishwasher. The new stainless steel resin handles were created to be dishwasher safe. Which ever handle you choose the dishwasher will not affect the blade.

They are lifetime guaranteed!

Any manufacturer defect. This includes rusting, separation of handle, if the peeler goes dull. This does not cover discoloring of aluminum handle (please hand-wash and dry, if you want them to stay silver), nor sharpness, see next F.A.Q.

We find most people on average can get between 2-5 years before needing to sharpen their knives, but this is different for everyone. Sharpness is not something that can be guaranteed because we do not know what you are using for a cutting board (if you cut on glass or granite your edge will not last).

The knives are lighter than most knives because most knives are made out of a brittle steel so they must be thicker and heavier so they don’t snap when going through something too hard. These knives are constructed to be thinner to make slicing a breeze.

Please see our show listings page to find a tradeshow near you!

This is why we encourage you to come try them out at a show first so you can see how well they work for yourself.

Excellently! That is why they put a tip on the end for digging out the eyes on potatoes. Just keep the peeler flat to whatever your peeling and it will follow you anywhere.

No we are resellers of Rada Mfg. Co. Products.


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